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Sunday, 28 May 2023
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Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette is a favorite at all land based and online casinos for the great winning opportunities it provides. Most would tell you the game requires great skill to play and win, but then again many have won when not understanding the game at all. Roulette has many variations, but the most popular are the double zero tables, which are American and the single zero tables, which are European. Both these variations are available as live dealer roulette, they have their own benefits and will provide you with different betting options.

The online simulation version has also been very successful, but many players are concerned that these games are programmed to favor the house edge, even though random number generators are used to make the result of the game completely random. However, this is now a concern of the past as most online casinos are shifting their games to live dealers, which means you will not be able to play the game and actually see the dealer on your screen. There are no computers involved with the result of each round, which means the games are just as fair as those you find in a land casino.

There are many developers that offer these games with different camera angles and table layouts. You will also find there are different table limits offered to accommodate everyone from a beginner through to a high roller. Most of these versions will display the entire table in the video and have an additional live feed, which is focused on the wheel. Other developers will offers a video feed on the wheel and electronic betting options that appear on your screen.

How Playing Live Dealer Roulette works

To play live dealer roulette you will need an account with a casino that offers these game options. You will not need any special accounts or pay any fees to join in on these tables. Simply go to the live dealer pages and select your game. You will find most casinos will now offer a welcome bonus for live dealer games, but these will have wagering requirements that have to be met.

Once you have entered the game you will find a live video feed or the table, dealer and wheel (in most cases). Your betting chips will be displayed in digital form and all betting will take place on the table. The game will accept all bet electronically, to ensure no mistakes are made and payouts occur in a much faster order.

With live roulette the table is shared among many players from amount the world, but this will make no different to your gaming experience as you simply place your bets and wait for the dealer. All the games are timed, which means everyone playing on the table will need to place their bets within a certain time or they will be excluded from that round. The times are fair and will not need players to feel rushed whatsoever.


Roulette has been played for many years, which have given people a chance to created new versions of the game. However, many of these versions have no made a big impression on the gaming world. You will find most casinos will offer the most popular versions, which are American and European roulette. Depending on the developer and the casino you will also find other game versions, different table layouts and betting options for each game.

Final Feelings

The live dealer roulette game version is the closest thing to real casino roulette you will find apart from actually being inside the casino, and even then live dealer roulette offer greater advantages. This is definitely a version of the game everyone should try at least ones.



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