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Sunday, 14 August 2022
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Live Dealer Blackjack – Early Payout

Blackjack has always been one of the most played table games at any casino. The game offers great odds and when played right you can experience a great return to player rate. Over the years many variations have become available, especially with online casinos. For the most part the game rules have remained the same, which means your objective is to beat the dealer and get closer to 21 without going over 21.

Online casinos have taken gaming to the next step and added live dealer options, which allows you to see the dealer and experience a more realistic game as you can see the actual dealer and everything they do.

There are a few variations available with live dealer blackjack, which include anything from the classic single deck game to the latest version of early payout options. Many players prefer the live dealer games as no programming or computerizes results can be used by the casino. Only betting will be done electronically as it’s easier, faster and more accurate. More and more casinos are adding the live dealer options with more variations of the game, which allows all types of players to find their perfect game. The live dealer options come with no additional fee or a special account as most casinos will provide these game options to all account holders.

All you need to know about Blackjack Early Payout

The early payout option that comes with Blackjack shouldn’t be seen as another variation of the game as it’s more an additional feature you will be able to take advantage of. The game rules remain the same for the most part, but here you will be able to select different gaming options that could have a great advantage to the outcome of each round played.

The first option you will find with early payout game is that you can play multiple hands with each round. As with other blackjack versions you can play multiple seats, but with early payout you will need only 1 seat and pay multiple hands. This will allow you to stand a bigger chance to win, or like most see it, you can win a lot faster. Up to 5 hands can be played per round, which will take 5x the bet amount you set.

With live dealer option you will find different tables provide different limits. This is just like walking into a casino and choosing between the regular and high roller game versions. Live dealer casinos will just be able to offer you a much bigger selection and different chip values on the table. The game options are easy to change between rounds, which will allow you to choose how many hands you would like to play in the next round and what bet amount you are winning to wager per hand.

With the live dealer options you will be playing alongside many other players, which makes absolutely no difference to your bets or the outcome of the game, which is where the early payout options come in. Since each player would play the game differently, for example some would hit when other players would stand. As you can imagine this could become an extremely confusing way of playing the game.

What online casinos have done is they have left it all up to the dealer of the game. This means the dealer will decide whether to hit or stand. Already I’m sure many of you think that puts the odds in the casinos had, but it doesn’t as there are rules they have to follow and you have a much greater effect on your own game with the early payout options offered.

Early payout will be an option you can take advantage of with every hand you play. If you are playing 5 hard per round, the early payout option will be available with each hand. You will also be able to use the feature with each call, hit, double up or any other option you find with blackjack. The feature has been added in to allow players to take a cut of their bet if there are not happy with what the outcome may be. This means if the dealer is about to hit on a hand that you wouldn’t, you can see if the early payout is worth it and get out the hand. The early payout is just an option and does not need to be used in any hand. The casino simply offers to players because the dealer controls the game.

You will find more often than not the early payout option will actually provide a profit for the hand. Meaning you still get to win, even though you don’t finish the hand. Obviously you will win more should you decide to play through to the end of the round, but like I said the early payout is an option.

The dealer of these games will have a strict set of rules to followed with how the cards are dealt, meaning there are certain situations where they will have to hit, and others where they will be forced to stand or double up. This will help keep the game fair and provide you with a payout rate of over 99%, which means the outcome of the game still depends on your actions, all that has changes is your view on the game and the options you have.

Should I try Blackjack Early Payout live?

Live Dealer Blackjack with the early payout option may take some time to get used to, but once you have played a few rounds and you get a feel for the game you will see it’s actually a lot easier than normal Blackjack. You will find the decisions you have to make are a lot less, which for many players, means a more relaxed gaming experience offering the same high winning opportunities and high payouts. I would recommend everyone try early payout and see how the game works, you may just find yourself the new gaming experience that you have been looking for.



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