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Sunday, 28 May 2023
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Live Dealer Blackjack

Playing blackjack at a land based casino definitely has its advantages. There have been many questions about online simulation blackjack that keep many wondering if the games are fair even though there has never been solid proof that these games are programmed to give the house a bigger edge. Recently casinos have come up with a way to reach players from around the world and offer fair gaming that cannot be questioned. This is because the dealers are live and will appear on your screen, which is the closest thing to a land based casino. These live dealer games have great benefits, which cannot be offered by land based casinos.

Live dealer blackjack works a little differently to most other live dealer games available as some of the game versions can only accommodate a certain amount of players, this includes the classic version of the game called 7 seat. With most online casinos handling high volume players at certain times, you may find it difficult to find a seat, but you will find that the casinos are constantly adding more tables and have started to offer rooms where these games will be available.

The game is played against the house only, which means you do not need to be concerned with other players unless you are interested in the social feature some casinos provide.

How to play Live Dealer Blackjack

It’s very easy to join the tables offered and you will not need to meet any requirements or pay any fees to play. Simply go to the live dealer options and choose your game. You will find most casinos provide different table limits to suit different players. Once you have entered the game a window will open on your screen and the live video of the table and dealer will be displayed. You will then be able to choose from the different bet amounts available and start playing.

All the wagering and payment options are done with a computer to offer faster payouts after each round. This will have no effect to the winnings or the result of the game as it only does the betting and payment to you electronic casino account. The rest of the game results will be determined by the dealer that appears on your screen.

You will find some versions of live dealer blackjack will allow you to place bets on more than one table position at a time. This means you are able to play multiple hands of blackjack at a time. Some casinos will also allow you to join more than one game at a time. This is possible by adjusting the windows in which the games appear to fit multiple windows on your computer screen. Keep in mind that this will require focus as the games are times, which means you will need to be fast to get to all the rounds in time.


There are many developers that offer the live dear table games to different casinos. Most of these developers will offer the standard version of the game and other versions, which will depend on what the player’s request. Currently you will find 7seat, 6 decks, single deck and many more.

Developers are also constantly creating new versions of the game to ensure everyone can find the perfect live dealer game. This includes different table layouts and features to give you the edge with each round. We recommend reading more about the Early Payout version of Blackjack to try a new version of this great game.

Final Feelings

Live dealer blackjack is definitely worth trying. The dealers are friendly and professional and will provide a real casino feel to each round you play. One of the biggest benefits are that you can choose the tale limits you can afford and there are no other players disturbing you game.



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