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Thursday, 28 September 2023
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Live Dealer Baccarat

Baccarat has been seen as the high rollers game for a long time and many new players decide to avoid it because it looks complicated, but actually this is one of the easiest table games offered by casinos. Walking into a land based casino you will find the baccarat table is always one of the most crowed as it attracts many players. As a baccarat player you may find this discourages you from playing the game at a land based casino.

Many people out there are unaware that online casinos are starting to offer many table games with real live dealers to ensure the games are kept fair. With live dealer baccarat you will find all the options you would line in a casino are available. The live dealer options are able to provide additional options such as multi-hand, bonus baccarat and many more. This was one of the first games that became available with live dealers as it is extremely popular and requested at casinos around the world.

Online casinos have not managed to capture the highlights most players look for when playing at a land based casino. One of the biggest aspects includes the fairness of the games, but with the new live casino sites this is a worry of the past as there are no computers or programming involved with the results of the game.

How to Play Live Baccarat works

Once you have found a table you line and the features you want are offered, you simply enter the game and wait for it to load. A window will open on your screen and a video feed of the table and live dealer will be presented. There are limits to most of the tables as you would be playing alongside many other players from different casinos.

Be sure to oversee the betting requirements and table limits before placing a bet as the game may have a minimum bet, which is too high or low for your gaming requirements. Just like land based casinos you will need to place your wager on player, banker or tie to play. Each round will have a limited time to bet to ensure no players have to wait for others. The games are not rushed by this as you will find a fair period of time is offered.

The bets and winnings are handed electronically as the dealer cannot see what you wager or possibly try to handle all the player winnings at the same time. This will make no difference to the game results whatsoever as it is only used to make bets and payouts faster.


With more players joining the live dealer games on a daily basis you will find many developers are providing different variations on the game. This is to ensure all players are accommodated and can find the game they want. Currently you will be able to play baccarat, Punto Banco, progressive, card peek and many other variations. Not all casinos will provide these variations as it depends on the developer offering the games.

You will also find different layouts for the table from these developers to make the game easier and offer different settings that you can take advantage of. With all these options you will find it easy to find a version of the game that suits you.

Final Feelings

Online live baccarat wins hands down no matter how you played baccarat before. You can play the game from anywhere, any time and there are no crowed tables to get past. Everyone would find benefits for the live dealer version of baccarat, and now you can sit back and feel rested that the games are fair.



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